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We are constantly delighted with all the fabulous reviews for our bamboo clothing that we get from our lovely customers. We thought it would be great to put them all together in one spot so that new customers can get an idea of the experience that they are in for. 


Lovely stuff xx

Based on 98 reviews
Bamboo long John Pyjamas review

Fabric is soft and elastic, which my girl loves. If the clothing tags could be removed more easily would be better.

Us too Sharon ! Unfortunately we have to comply with the regulations and have to have that one safety label sewn in there properly :(

Thanks for the great review ! Hope you enjoy the PJs and the we get to see you back to the store soon!

Most comfy PJ

Comfortable and now with playful patterns. My daughter absolutely love it.

Janice, thanks for being such a loyal customer ! We are delighted your daughter likes our stuff!

Yoga shorts

Great! Kids loved them & said they are very comfy

And kids don't lie :) :)
Thanks for the great review Donna ! Much appreciated !

5 star

Yoga pants Navy


Fantastic Pyjamas. Beautiful , soft and luxurious material. Highly recommended for kids with sensitive skin.

Beautiful Fabric

My son loves his PJ's! They are really comfortable & the fabric so soft.

Great shopping experience! And great articles

See above

love it

love the design and how comfy the material is

Bamboo long John Pyjamas - Sebastian the shark
Carolina Damen
Super soft and great quality

These are super soft pj's, both our boys wore them and they are just lovely. Great quality, I have passed them on to their little cousin and they're still in great shape.

Great for kids with allergies

I hadn't realized you
had started to do an older age range and I have been
desperately looking at websites in the UK and amazon for
bamboo which has not been mixed with cotton so that he has a
warm layer next to his skin. He is less allergic now and so
can as long as he has bamboo next to his skin he is ok and
so I was looking for long sleeves and eventually I stumbled
on your website. ( I did look at it some years ago but I
don't think you were doing any older or you didn't
deliver to Singapore or something of that sort and so I had
rather given up on the possibility of more Snuggalicious
clothes but there is was larger clothes and long sleaves. I
have bought basically all that his age and a few smaller
hoping that even though they are up to age five perhaps
they will stretch and go on for a few years. I do hope you
start doing even older as I don't know what I will do
when he grows out of those! I also would love to encourage
you to do more of those double thickness clothes perhaps in
the hoodie and short and trousers.

My son is also tremendously grateful.
I had got some clothes made out of pure bamboo but I could
only get two colours and they of course were not T shirts
with pictures on them. He has begun to feel self conscious
that all the other six year olds had these and he
didn't. He only had the 3 year old zebra and hippo T
shirts that he has worn so much they are almost see through
and stretch as obviously they are for children much smaller!

Please please keep producing them and
keep producing them in older age groups and for all weather
including the UK!! Double thickness hoodies please!! Do
you deliver to the UK??? I think there would be a huge
market there particularly if you put something about
allergies in your website. 100% bamboo towels and also
children's duvet covers and sheets with pictures again
too would also be really fantastic! You can only get boring
plain grown up duvet covers in bamboo.

Great for children with allergies

couldn't find where to leave a review but your bamboo
clothes are a God send! My son is allergic to cotton ( even
organic cotton) and whilst there are plenty of bamboo
producers many put cotton into the mix.
I found some of your products in
Singapore when my son was 3 ( 3 years ago) and they were a
real answer to my prayers as I didn't want to put him
into synthetics as those are horrible and sweaty and no
doubt being sensitive he would have eventually become
allergic to them.

Despite being 3 by then I
bought all the 24 month and 36 month clothes I could find on
the shelves and actually they have stretched with where and
he can still fit the little shorts on which I suppose were
originally designed to work with nappies. I must say they
were great with the double thickness as they are so durable.
They lasted forever and my daughter who is not allergic to
cotton but who is four often sneaks off with them as she
loves the feel.

Bamboo yoga pants - Coral
Iolanda Meehan
Super soft yoga pants

My daughter loves these pants! I can't get her out of them and she normally is a dress-only kind of girl:-)

Bamboo long sleeve onesie - Kiki the giraffe
Miho Yawata
The best onesies for HK weather!

My baby loves these onesies for almost all seasons and because they stretch she has been wearing them almost since day 1! Amazingly soft and comfortable for hot or cold weather!

Too comfy!

Can you please make a sunday school outfit out of this material? My niece loves her PJ's and its sometimes a struggle to get her to change in to something a little more formal! Love em. Thanks.

Ticks every box

This stuff ticks every box on a parents' wish list for their kids clothes - comfy fit yet stretchy (been great as our little man learns to dress & undress himself). Washes well & the fabric is so soft on the skin. Ideal in hot humid weather & in winter too as a second layer esp at night. But best of all is that the clothes fold up so small that we can take a change for him without the bulky bags (was fantastic during toilet-training!) Seriously - you can carry some of this stuff in your pocket!!! I honestly haven't found anything as comfy or practical for him to wear on car trips & long flights - perfect carry-on option. It's just seriously good value for money. Well done Snug-a-licious!

Best PJ's ever

I bought a few sets, different designs for my boys and they absolutely love them. The material is super soft, even after having washed them millions of times. The designs are so cute and I love the colors. Will definitely get some more.

Great product.

Have always loved the texture of this brand. Comfortable and easy to wear. Loyal customer since 2014

Great product

It a wonderful product, material is good and smooth but should have more design and sizes. My daughter wearing 2-3 years old PJ and she love it. Please have more products under 2-3 years old. Good job and keep it up. Cheers

.Another great buy from Snugalicious

I love this shirt - I was a bit worried about sizes as I have a big 2 year old but it fits him perfectly and looks as though it will stretch nicely. My son loves all things taxis and I will buy a few more as 'Hong Kong' presents to give to friends. A good price for the quality, too.

Babys bum

The material is so soft, like no other clothes we've bought. I'm jealous of little Jack - when is Snug going to do adult wear!!

Love these!

My little girl is 6 now and we've had several sizes of Snugalicious PJs over the years. They are beautiful - lovely soft quality and they wash really well. Wish they had them in adult sizes!


My son could not looker cuter in these and I absolutely love them!! He can wear them all year and just seems so comfortable.


This design is absolutely stunning! The perfect present for any toddler and so soft and snuggly!!

Love these!

I wish these came in my size! Snugalicious, can you please start making adult PJ's??

My daughter's favourite!

My daughter refuses to wear anything else for bed other than these PJ's- I now have 3 sets of them as she's obsessed! I accidentally forgot to pack them in my hand luggage on a long haul flight and she was absolutely devastated- I won't make that mistake again!!

Whoops! Frankly we think you should have turned the plane around :) Glad to hear that we have a fan that insists on feeling lovely ! Thanks for this amazing review!

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