• Bamboo hoodie-Charlie's Union jack - SNUGALICIOUS BAMBOO
  • Bamboo hoodie-Charlie's Union jack - SNUGALICIOUS BAMBOO
  • Bamboo hoodie-Charlie's Union jack - SNUGALICIOUS BAMBOO

Bamboo hoodie-Charlie's Union jack

Unique boy's clothes - Union jack hoodie made from super soft bamboo.

$100.00 HKD $330.00 HKD



  • Charlie's Union Jack Hoodie. Lovely lounge wear which shouts proud to be British! A perfect extra layer which won't cause over heating.
  • Colour Navy blue and light blue
  • 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Elastane
  • We recommend that you turn the garment inside out when washing

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great for kids with allergies

I hadn't realized you
had started to do an older age range and I have been
desperately looking at websites in the UK and amazon for
bamboo which has not been mixed with cotton so that he has a
warm layer next to his skin. He is less allergic now and so
can as long as he has bamboo next to his skin he is ok and
so I was looking for long sleeves and eventually I stumbled
on your website. ( I did look at it some years ago but I
don't think you were doing any older or you didn't
deliver to Singapore or something of that sort and so I had
rather given up on the possibility of more Snuggalicious
clothes but there is was larger clothes and long sleaves. I
have bought basically all that his age and a few smaller
hoping that even though they are up to age five perhaps
they will stretch and go on for a few years. I do hope you
start doing even older as I don't know what I will do
when he grows out of those! I also would love to encourage
you to do more of those double thickness clothes perhaps in
the hoodie and short and trousers.

My son is also tremendously grateful.
I had got some clothes made out of pure bamboo but I could
only get two colours and they of course were not T shirts
with pictures on them. He has begun to feel self conscious
that all the other six year olds had these and he
didn't. He only had the 3 year old zebra and hippo T
shirts that he has worn so much they are almost see through
and stretch as obviously they are for children much smaller!

Please please keep producing them and
keep producing them in older age groups and for all weather
including the UK!! Double thickness hoodies please!! Do
you deliver to the UK??? I think there would be a huge
market there particularly if you put something about
allergies in your website. 100% bamboo towels and also
children's duvet covers and sheets with pictures again
too would also be really fantastic! You can only get boring
plain grown up duvet covers in bamboo.

Great for children with allergies

couldn't find where to leave a review but your bamboo
clothes are a God send! My son is allergic to cotton ( even
organic cotton) and whilst there are plenty of bamboo
producers many put cotton into the mix.
I found some of your products in
Singapore when my son was 3 ( 3 years ago) and they were a
real answer to my prayers as I didn't want to put him
into synthetics as those are horrible and sweaty and no
doubt being sensitive he would have eventually become
allergic to them.

Despite being 3 by then I
bought all the 24 month and 36 month clothes I could find on
the shelves and actually they have stretched with where and
he can still fit the little shorts on which I suppose were
originally designed to work with nappies. I must say they
were great with the double thickness as they are so durable.
They lasted forever and my daughter who is not allergic to
cotton but who is four often sneaks off with them as she
loves the feel.

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