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Snug-a-licious bamboo loungewear for kids

Snug-a-licious – soft comfy, lovely stuff – Sleep, Lounge and Playwear for kids.  

Snug-a-licious, makes the most soft, comfy and lovely, lounge and sleepwear just for kids. The company was founded by Myself, Suzie Levett, and the love of my life, Simon Ransom. We currently sell direct worldwide online and also through stockists in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Australia and the UK.

The inspiration behind the company set up was the birth of our son Jake. As parents of a newborn, we quickly identified a need for clothing that put children's comfort, entirely first and foremost. The idea of having loungewear just for kids, stemmed from our own habits at home. Regularly, we would come back from a long day, kick off our work/formal/stuffy attire and get straight into our casual comfy “home” clothes, to just feel lovely.

As a couple of bussing entrepreneurs, we were interested in doing something different, and with softness and comfort as our mantra, we started looking at the countless virtues of using fabric sourced from bamboo. After a lot of research and a whirlwind China sourcing tour, we found exactly the right fabric we wanted and, similarly to when we ourselves first met, it was love at first feel!

After some heart breaking twists and turns, namely the most tragic and sudden loss of Simon from our world, and with Jake’s inspiration being the greatest drive, Snug-a-licious was officially launched by myself in 2012. This time, with with the help of Handsome Ransom Jr. (Jake Ransom - seen here in his first photo shoot).

 By 2013 Snug-a-licious collections became available in Australia, Singapore and China. The brand has been phenomenally well received in overseas markets, having sold over fourty thousand units to date. I believe that the additional benefits of the super soft and stretchy, quick drying, temperature regulating, sustainably sourced bamboo fabric has contributed to Snug-a-licious’ launch success. As a company we continue to draw inspiration from kids. Given that we produce just for kids, it has been key to us to tap into their ideas and phases that they are going through and to check in with them throughout the design process. This way we can ensure that we are on track and designing things that kids love. Each and every design has been passed by our panel of kiddy consultants, who tend to be very vocal about what they like/don’t like. We are really proud of our designs and kid’s reactions to them.Click this link to hear what kids think about our stuff. 

 So, what is our end goal? We simply want to produce the most comfortable stuff in the world. That’s it! Our tag line is simple. - Soft.comfy.lovely stuff. The exceptional hand feel and stretchiness of our fabric makes it stand out from most standard clothing and we think this sets us apart from the rest. Any future product extensions will adhere to the softness and comfort mantra and will have to pass a tactility test.

The moral of our story? Life is too short not to feel lovely. At Snug-a-licious we believe in having fun, and we strive to be casual and comfy as often as we can. I hope that this brand can demonstrate to others, in particular single mums, that if you set your mind to something and it means a lot to you, no matter what happens, you can achieve anything. It is also important to note that with the support of friends ( and a great brother),  you can power on. Every one of the kids you see in the top photo are part of our extended family and have supported us through their modelling and their feedback and a whole heap of hugs. They truly are part of the brand's journey.   

With love from Handsome Ransom Screen printed on the back of each Snug-a-licious garment is the label: “Made with love by Handsome Ransom”. Simon was and still is the driving force and inspiration behind the brand, with his strong manufacturing background and eye for detail, loving support and diligence, Simon Ransom (AKA Handsome ransom), made the brand what it is today. I love the thought of thousands of pieces of Snug-a-licious clothing stamped with Handsome Ransom, being worn by children globally, as it really is a label of love.

 Lovely stuff xx



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