Why Bamboo?

A little bit about our super soft snuggly fabric.


By now you will know that we produce very soft and super snuggly clothes. But how do we do this? It’s all down to the fabric. Our fabric is sourced from bamboo and feels as soft if not softer than more expensive fabrics such as silk or cashmere.


The benefits don’t stop with making you feel lovely. Our fabric is highly absorbent and draws moisture away from the skin quickly and efficiently. Sensitive and irritable skin will notice the difference especially in warm, humid environments. This temperature regulating property means that it also acts as a lovely underlayer in the winter.


We also had the environment in mind when we decided to use fabric sourced from bamboo. Bamboo grows very quickly with minimal help or intervention. There is no need for irrigation, chemicals or pesticides and it reseeds itself so there is limited input from gas-guzzling, heavy farm machinery. It also grows very tall, so a farmer can yield more per square metre than many other crops.


At Snug-a-licious we think of all of our friends and partners as family. So it was very important to us to find a manufacturing partner who shares our working practices and philosophy. Our manufacturer supplies only the highest quality products that are Oeko Tex 100 certified – an industry standard given at point of manufacture. They also treat their staff like family, with a skilled workforce paid well in a safe, clean environment.


Once the bamboo has been harvested, the process of turning it into a fabric begins. The same chemicals that are used in food production, paper manufacturing and soap making are used. These chemicals dissolve in water, so the fabric is tested after it is made and declared free from chemical residues.


Fabric sourced from bamboo is becoming more and more popular. At Snug-a-licious our mission is to bring you the best of the best and the softest of the soft. We promise we will continue to produce only the best quality clothing, designed and made with little peoples’ skin in mind. So watch out for lower quality or cheaper alternatives.


And that is how your Snug-a-licious garment becomes so very soft.


Lovely Stuff.

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