Top 5 Tips to buying newborn and baby clothes online.

Posted on 17 October 2016

Online shopping is fast, easy and convenient, but buying kids clothes online can often lead to expensive mistakes as there are so many more things to consider than just sizing. Whether you are buying a newborn gift, preparing for your little one’s arrival or simply stocking up on the basics, here are some factors to consider.

Comfort. A comfortable baby is a happy baby. Always check the fabric details to ensure you buy the softest baby clothes you can. Make sure there are no zips, scratchy seams and labels or tight waistbands that cause irritation and prevent movement. Onesies are a a good option for newborns as they cover the feet for warmth, they don’t have wasitbands so allow the umbilical chord area to be free from rubbing and they don’t restrict movement.

Easy for Mum & Dad. Parents need to be able to change diapers and change babies’ clothes easily, wherever they are. Look for wide or envelope style necklines that easily fit over the heads or clothing that has front, back and side openings. Onesies with crotch openings allow for a quick diaper change, sometime without waking a sleeping baby.

Safety. All kids clothes should meet some basic standards in terms of safety. Fabric should be approved for use for baby clothes and there should be no add-ons or embellishments that pose a choking or strangling risk – such as chords and ribbons or small buttons. Clothes should also stay in place and not ride up covering a baby’s face or get caught around the neck. This is an important consideration especially when buying baby sleepwear. It is also recommended to layer clothes where possible so you can quickly adapt to changing conditions and avoid overheating. Remember to always wash newborn baby clothes before you use them as there can be dust residues from the factories in the fabric.

Sizing. Babies grow quickly and it is easy to buy something that is too small in a matter of weeks. Every manufacturer has slightly different sizing so when you are buying baby clothes online check the measurements carefully as you may need the next size up. Anything too big will be uncomfortable, so always aim at least one size up from a baby’s current size.

Quality. For the first 6-12 months consider using just organic cottons or bamboo fabrics to establish that the baby does not have sensitivities before exploring different fabric combinations. These are the most natural and the softest fabrics that clothes manufacturers can use. Bamboo baby clothes are relatively new to the market and are an increasingly popular choice, as the fabric draws moisture away from the skin making it ideal in hot climates or a great base layer in colder climates. Clothes features such as soft seams and printed labels and stretchy waistbands show that a manufacturer has considered the comfort and functionality of the clothes and not just how they look.

Buying baby clothes online is an easy and convenient way to shop. Quality, trusted manufacturers will have all of the fabric and clothing details on their websites, so check the information carefully. Happy shopping!

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  • Josephine Feen: January 11, 2021

    I read your blog and found it very informative for those who are looking to buy baby products online. 5 tips you gave while choosing newborn baby clothes are very useful because every parent is worried about baby’s safety and want to choose best for him/her. My utmost concern is to buy good quality, non-allergic clothes for my baby and I have faced disappointment for these two things many times I ordered clothes online. Earlier, I also used to be so confused about what type of stuff should I buy for my baby but then listening my concerns, my friend suggested me shopping newborn baby clothes from Amazon, Trendieonline, Mothercare and many other online shopping stores and trust me I had positive shopping experience on these sites. I’m thankful to you for sharing such useful blog with us. Keep updating us with more blogs of this kind. Such info helps parents to make a right choice when shopping online.

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