Children’s sleepwear for changing seasons

Posted on 17 October 2016

When selecting clothes what will last though out the seasons, the key is to think layers! We chose to make the highest content ( 95%) bamboo baby clothes, sourced from sustainable bamboo as we love so many attributes that this fabric has. Plus it makes the softest baby clothes. Some other key winning points are that it is lightweight, super absorbent, breathable and temperature regulating. This means that it is cooling in the summer months and provides a warm insulating solution for the winter.

At Snug-a-licious, we designed a more fitted style of long john pant pyjamas, which work beautifully as light weight summer clothing and also as insulating underwear for the cooler months. This stuff is so soft and smooth that is just like a second skin and is in fact the perfect first layer against young skin. The fact that it is lightweight makes it a nice tidy snug and breathable under layer, that does not make for a bulky Michelin- man sized child.


For the winter months, we would recommend kids sleepsuits for little ones up until 18 months old. These are great as they cover up feet and also, one-piece items tend to keep the belly warm and don’t ride up like a lot of baby boy and baby girl t shirts. When it gets chilly you can simply layer on top of these with comfy thick warm pants and layers of long sleeve tees and jumpers or sweaters.


The major down side of using one pieces for layering though, is when it comes to regular nappy changing, as it’s a palaver to get in and out of. Therefore we created the same long john fitted style for our little boy and little girls pyjamas which start at 6 months. Jake, our son lives in these. I have the fondest recollection of a ski holiday where he slept in his pyjamas at night. In the morning I would put on a fresh pair as his insulating ski underwear, plus a pair of Ugg boots and he would walk around the hotel in this get up like he owned the place. Just before hitting the snow we would put his ski suit on top of his Snug-a-licious long johns and send him off knowing that he would be protected from any rubbing or chaffing from his suit and that he was snugly and warm.

longs sleeve snug onesie

Onesies and long sleeve onesies, also known as body suits are nicely fitted and have a snap crotch. These one pieces are lovely little outfits for the summer months and look particularly sweet when paired with a little set of shoes. Whether being bought as a newborn baby gift or to boost up your own child’s wardrobe, these one pieces are the most versatile and cost effective choices. They can be used as comfy sleepwear or loungewear at home or as soon as the weather cools, body suits can be paired nicely with pants and skirts or under dresses. Again they provide the benefit of not riding up and leaving bellies exposed.

Bamboo sleepwear is breathable, lightweight, temperature regulating and above all stretchy soft and incredibly comfy. It has the hand feel comparable with silk or cashmere, without the expense. All our garments have 5% lycra content which gives them a lovely stretch and bounce back quality. This will allow for a greater life span of clothing as it stretches nicely as the child grows, which makes them a luxurious and cost effective buy.


Bamboo sleepwear is incredibly versatile and cost effective clothing solution. It can be used as all season wear, offering a lightweight cool outfit in the summer and a non- bulky insulating layer in the winter. As this fabric stretches and grows with the child it is likely to last them across several seasons. More snug long john pyjamas are the most versatile as they are snug, non-bulk and can be easily be covered with more layers.

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  • tan: June 05, 2017

    Is bamboo fabric too cooling for Winter season ?

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