How our extended family of kids influence our designs

Posted on 06 October 2016

I am often asked how I come up with the designs that appear on our range of our soft, snuggly lounge and sleepwear. The simple answer is that I am bombarded with inspiration from the many children in my life

Jake and I are so very lucky to be surrounded with a large group of kids, whose parents I grew up with. We also live in a very social village. Our neighbour's kids run in and out of the house and Jake is part of the furniture in their houses too. All of these kids have become great friend's to Jake, and provide him the "sibling-type" exposure he so craves, given that his beloved big brother lives in the UK and is already an adult. 

As a result, we have a large group of kids whom have grown up around our brand Snug-a-licious. They have participated in numerous photo shoots and also regularly voice what designs should be considered in the next line. These kids act as a focus group, standing around the laptop, giving feedback about the designs and colours at various stages of the design process.


Children designing their own pyjamas


 Kids can be brutal and they say what they think, which I find to be incredibly valuable brand feedback. They know what they want and they seem to be spot on about what other kids want too! It is also great to make them feel part of the picture, which I encourage as I hope to kick start any entrepreneurial flair. It is not unusual for a child to pop by and have a chat about a design they would like to see on some Pyjamas. We often have a little brainstorm and I try and see how I can incorporate it into future lines if they state a good case! I have even had reports back of kids putting together a marketing plan for the brand during sleepovers. You have got to love Hong Kong kids!  

Design inspiration by children for Snug-a-licious

A great part of living in a village full of kids whom grew up around the brand, is catching kids sitting at their breakfast table or lounging around wearing Snug-a-licious attire. Originally when I started this venture, I was convinced friends just brought my stuff to be supportive or polite ! It took a while for it to sink in that kids and parents alike, truly are fans. The all-time best is standing on my roof and seeing the houses around me with Snug-a-licious PJs hanging on the line. One on and one in the wash.... I know 100% that they are wearing my stuff, AND that it is nicely withstanding the continuous wash cycles that come with being a favourite garment ! 


Lovely stuff xx

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