Snug-a-licious prize for fastest mum- Barclays Moontrekker race.

Posted on 05 October 2016

In the spirit of supporting any mums out there who are not scared to try something different or to push themselves to the max, Snug-a-licious is sponsoring the prize for fastest mum at the Barclay’s Moontrekker event this year. Barclay’s Moontrekker, which Is held on the 14th of October 2016 is easily Hong Kong’s most exciting hardcore overnight endurance event where hikers and runners cover either 30km or 43km over Lantau Island. The race starts at night and the tag line for the event is “ can you beat the sun”. Given that I struggle these days to stay up beyond 11pm, I take my hat off to all the participants and eagerly wait to see whom the fastest mum is. Sods law governs that their child is most likely to be waking just as they reach the finish line, so I am sure that the next day is when the true endurance test sets in! If that is not enough inspiration to make you run like hell in order to get at least an hour of kip in, then I don’t know what is!! Good luck to you all on the night… Best of wishes from Snug-a-licious xx

Check out the moon trekker event:

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