Snug-a-licious is born !

Posted on 04 September 2012

Greetings! Welcome to our Snug-a-licious blog. Snug-a-licious is a designer brand of bamboo baby clothing and other lovely things for kids. After the birth of our Son Jake, my other half Simon and I were inspired to create casual, versatile and comfortable clothing, which was suitable for the extremes of hot climates and air-conditioning. We wanted to produce something, which put children’s comfort first above everything.  Tactility was the key so that it would be compatible with our Snug-a-licious branding and “Soft, comfy, lovely stuff” tagline. On a sourcing mission we came across some high-grade bamboo fabric and on feeling the material it was love at first touch!

We loved the fact that bamboo is from a sustainable source and requires no chemicals to grow. We were also careful to source it from a factory which uses certified Oeko-tex standard 100 bamboo fibre, ensuring that there is no chemical residue or toxins on the fabric. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, fast drying and temperature regulating, making it ideal for busy little bodies. But its greatest asset, which makes it stand out from the crowd – it has the softest hand feel of any clothing that we have ever come across. Our aim was to produce clothing you will continuously reach for first in the cupboard, (like your favourite old lovingly worn in t-shirt), as you know it is just so much more comfortable than anything else in there.

Whilst I worked on the designs and branding, Simon put his experienced manufacturing head on and plotted our route around China for our factory tours so that we could find our key manufacturer.

Simon and I both worked happily together on quality control. His eye for detail ensured all practical applications of all my designs were top notch, ensuring above all that comfort was not to be compromised. We worked hard to ensure that all the seams were soft, and replaced scratchy tags by screen prints where possible. Much care went into testing and approving the most comfortable waistbands and tumble-worthy practical styles to allow for unobstructed sleep, lounge and play.

Screen printed on the back of each Snug-a-licious garment is the label: “Snug-a-licious – with love by Handsome Ransom. This is a tribute to Simon Ransom, father of my son Jake and, loving partner who sadly passed away in 2011 from a tragic accident.

Snug-a-licious has become a true label of love and represents much more than just a clothing business. It has been an invaluable vehicle for me to channel all my excess love into something positive, creative, and challenging, and to do something that I 100% know will make my man proud. Simon totally believed in our product and we both put an abundance of love and care into it.  I absolutely love the thought of millions of pieces of Snug-a-licious clothing stamped with Handsome Ransom, being worn by children globally. Snug-a-licious is truly a label of love from us, to be gifted with love by you!   


Xx Suzie and Jakey ( Handsome Jr) 

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