And a Snug-a-liciously warm thank you goes to……

Posted on 26 September 2012

I am so proud of Snug-a-licious but acknowledge that without having so many special people in my life, that there is no way that my ideas for the business would have come to fruition.

To the most beautiful men in my life: My son Jake who makes me laugh every day and who inspired me to develop a kids clothing range in the first place.  Then of course to Simon Ransom AKA “ Handsome Ransom”, my beautiful partner and father to Jake, who before his sudden, untimely departure from this world a year ago gave me a strong foundation of support, love and encouragement and a lifetime of amazing memories.  We had developed this brand together and his eye for detail, manufacturing experience and the amount of hard work and love he put into the clothing design and manufacture has set out the foundation for how the business is to be run and has ensured that Snug-a-licious produces what I think are the most comfortable kids clothes around. He has left me feeling very loved and continues to inspire me as a mother and a business owner every day.  In turn I strive to make him proud every day and am driven to make this a success in his honour.

To my manufacturer who made a pact with me that he would help me make Snug-a-licious happen as he knew it was Simon’s dream too. He has become a close friend and I have drawn on his vast experience and generous advice.  He has gritted his teeth as I continually tweaked things and obsessed about making changes until every detail was perfect. He is officially the most patient man in the world!

To my friends: In particular the “general”, Kelvin, Jen, Birds, Des, Martina, Debbie and rods, who put me back together again when my world fell apart. To Lou who has mentored me in manufacturing and single motherhood with the help of a little Sunday verve! To my best friend Sinead who promised she would marry me if only I were a bloke and she wasn’t engaged. To Agnes for her weekly sessions and her magic which keeps me positive and on the ball. To William, who makes me look at the funny side of things and dragged me to my first sales meeting. To my brother who has been my rock and whom has most importantly taken my little man under his wing.  My extended family, the Avon’s and Shernie Wong, these special people alongside my amazing friends who have demonstrated that family does not need to be blood.

Here’s to new having a lust for life, finding my smile again and having the courage to take a leap of faith and move towards an exciting new chapter that would make my man so proud and of course here’s to making the world a more Snug-a-licious place!!!

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