Announcing KB, the New face of the Snug-a-licious safari range

Posted on 14 May 2013

Our first collection was the Safari range, inspired by some amazing safaris i went on pre-kid! So when we decided to show case our range, what better way than going on safari? I can't wait to take Jake here one day so he can personally meet our little model KB shown here. 




Snug-a-licious friend and supporter, wildlife photographer, Deon De Villiers stepped up to the task. His photographs are amazing, they really capture African wildlife with amazing clarity. His vivid images make you feel like you are standing right in the picture. This, and the fact that his adorable, adopted son Kb looks perfect in our soft, snuggly Snug-a-licious T-Shirts made for a few fun-filled few days on a safari photo shoot.




Deon lives with his family in a small town in Botswana in the Okavango Delta, which is in the heart of the country’s tourist industry. There are many Lodges in the area, and as elephants are Kb’s favourite animal we were lucky Deon could capture our favourite image of Kb at Elephant Sands Lodge where wild herds visit the waterhole in the afternoon. Elephants are quite common is this region, so Kb is very relaxed around them, and similarly the elephants are used to the herdsman and subsistence farmers that live on the land around them.




Kb also loves hippos, and although they spend more time away from people, one has taken up residence in the river by Deon’s house and can be heard calling in the night.  It’s probably best to let this one be, so to get a good look at hippos Deon took Kb to the Mambo Camp on Chief’s Island. Here the wildlife is more active and there are a wide variety of animals to look at. Kb was in his element with the elephants and hippos all around. We really love the way Deon has captured the product image without losing any of the magic of the moment or the stunning backdrop.




Taking a good photograph of animals, children and Snug-a-licious product is quite a lot to ask from a photographer. Our products have proven to be very easy to wear, they hang nicely, and children feel very comfortable and snuggly in them, so hopefully that helped Deon and Kb on their assignment. Children and animals however, are a different matter! Deon is a qualified safari guide, so has an intimate understanding of animals’ behaviour and knows what to expect from them. He makes it sound so simple when he describes how he waits for the shot. With the sunlight behind them, a bit of patience, the moment always comes.




Adding a child into the equation makes things a little more complicated. Not only do we want the child to look natural and happy on cue, but also Deon prefers reflected light onto the face to stop any chance of blinking or squinting when the button is pressed. Some of the photos were taken from the Lodge verandah, but for others it was possible to get closer to the animals in a safari vehicle. This presents it’s own challenges with lighting and composition, and also Kb, who lost his water bottle to a hyena at one point! Luckily Kb is used to being photographed, and in the images we have you can see he is having fun, is relaxed and is really enjoying being around the animals. We are assured there are days when Kb just isn’t in the mood, and then it’s time to go home, leave the animals to wallow and pull on some soft, snuggly yoga pants and call it a day.




Thank you Deon and Kb for doing a brilliant job of showing off our range of lounge and sleep wear. Children around the world can snuggle up in our PJs and dream of everything Kb is lucky enough to see every day. To see more of Deon and KB’s amazing work, check out


Lovely stuff.

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