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Posted on 30 May 2016

Check out our HK collection here : http://www.snugalicious.com/collections/hong-kong-collection

As a born and bred Hong Konger with a second generation Hong Kong boy, AKA Handsome Ransom, we could not help but get stuck into some lovely Hong Kong designs. We think it was pretty important for our local kids to have a bit of memorabilia of their own, through our custom Hong kong kids designs.

There is so much inspiration that can be drawn from our unique surroundings. I may be biased by I simply love this place! We are proud to make some seriously lovely stuff which is specifically all about our home town. At the same time, we think these are great designs to be sent overseas and welcome little recipients into the world with a taste of this great place! Additionally,  we are finding that a lot of people are opting to take the Hong Kong collection back with them as little keepsakes and memories from a cherished time here.


Birdcage pjs Hong Kong design





Lovely stuff

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